A career in real estate can be exciting and rewarding. Of course, the first step to success begins with education. A good training course will prepare the prospective agent for any situation and arm him or her with the knowledge to serve clients with confidence. In the New York area, you have many choices in real estate training, and it is wise to carefully consider your long-term goals before deciding on your course of action

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    Many are attracted to this field because of the ability of setting their own flexible work schedule and their desire to have an unlimited earning potential, however, how do you determine which brokerage firm can best support your successful career? Click here for the Broker Directory. Your choice of a firm should be based on the firm's reputation and your confidence that the Broker and professional staff will provide the positive and nurturing environment to cradle the foundation of your growth and success. In this day when many smaller firms are being gobbled up by the franchises, it is becoming more difficult to find a firm where the Broker and staff have the time to devote to one-on-one interaction.

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